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Long Country Boots Waterproof Boots

Discover Bareback Footwear's range of long waterproof country boots, designed to keep you dry and comfortable in any outdoor setting. Our country boots offer additional support in the forefoot and underfoot, protecting your ankles and feet on uneven or rocky terrain. With non-slip dura-tread outsoles tested in the fields of Great Britain, these boots excel in muddy conditions, ensuring maximum grip and durability.

Available in sizes UK 3 to 12, our long waterproof boots are perfect for tough days of work or looking smart in the field. Explore our buying guide for assistance in selecting the perfect fit and style for your needs. Whether you're out in the country or headed to town, Bareback Footwear has the ideal boot for you!

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Long Country Boots - Waterproof Boots - Bareback Footwear

Explore the extensive collection of long waterproof country boots by Bareback Footwear, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled comfort and protection in any outdoor environment. Engineered with reinforced support in the forefoot and underfoot, these boots shield your ankles and feet from the rigors of uneven or rocky terrain.

Tested in the rugged fields of Great Britain, our country boots feature non-slip dura-tread outsoles, delivering exceptional traction and durability even in the muddiest conditions. From tackling challenging workdays to maintaining a polished appearance in the field, our long waterproof boots are designed to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

Available in sizes ranging from UK 3 to 10, finding your perfect fit is effortless. Explore our comprehensive buying guide for expert advice on selecting the ideal style and fit tailored to your preferences.

Whether you're navigating the countryside or venturing into town, trust Bareback Footwear to provide the ultimate blend of functionality, style, and durability in every step you take.