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best jodhpur boots

Tips when choosing a pair of short jodhpur boots

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When there is so much choice out there where do you begin? Whether you're just starting out on your horse riding journey or a seasoned pro. Here is our guide on how to select the perfect short riding boot.

Lets start at the business end- the sole.

The sole as the one of your main points of contact while riding is probably one of the best visual guides on how your riding boots will perform.

Your tread should be shallow and compact to prevent and catching in the stirrup.  You should AVOID treads like this one below.


How to Choose Hiking Footwear 

A rubber sole (see Kentucky paddock boots below) which is non slip with a compact and shallow tread is designed for performance while riding and will be safe and comfortable while riding and walking

Rubber soles have more flexibility and are better at absorbing shock.


Kentucky jodhpur Brown Sole


Rubber or wood composite?

Some people prefer a wooden composite sole, these are stiffer which can provide extra support for your forefoot while riding. Riders that opt for a wooden sole jodhpur boot say that the stiffness improves their posture and it also offers extra protection from sharp object around the yard. 


Dallas jodhpur Boots With Wooden Sole


A lot of wooden composite soles still have a rubber tread to prevent slipping and ensure enough grip in the stirrups, like our Dallas ankle boot above.

Added Sole Technology

Jodhpur riding boots have come on a long way in the last decade. Here are a few thing to look out for.

Steel Shanks

A steel shank is an added light weight steel arch support, so even with daily exhaustive use the boots arch support will never decrease and encourages good posture and reduces fatigue so that you can be at your best all day.


best jodhpur boots


This is our Idaho Jodhpur Riding Boot, you can see where the added shank support has been stitched in. We include steel shanks in most of our short riding boot collection.

Air Flow System

Air flow systems are a relatively new innovation. A pocket of air in stored in the sole and under impact the air is compressed in order to absorbs shock. They also have the added benefit of keeping your feet cool on warm days.


Windsor best jodhpur boots for women


Our Windsor Short Riding Boots also use air flow systems.

Zip up, lace up or pull on?

This is an age long debate and often it all falls to personal preference. Do not fear though we do have some recommendations!

Narrow Feet or Skinny Ankles? You will be best suited to have the adjustment of a lace. Try our Windsor Short Riding Boots. or Kentucky Short Riding Boots

Want more ankle support? We recommend getting something slightly higher up the ankle with a lace to really pull them tight if required. Don't worry if you go for something like our Kentucky Short Riding Boots they come with a zip so you can pull them on or off easily. 

Want something easy to pop on and off? Go for a simple front zip. Our Idaho Short Riding Boots front zip goes right down to the botton on the instep and paired with a loop on the heel getting a pair of ankle boots on has never been easier.

Traditional pull on boots. Pull on boots have been around forever and are not going anywhere anytime soon. They tend to be a good budget option, are very robust and easy to maintain. Try our Ohio Jodhpur Boots.

Ohio Short Jodhpur Boot


An insole has a huge affect on how your padlock boots feel. Most insoles are removable so you have the ability swap and change in order to achieve the perfect fit or level of cushioning. 

Foam cushioned insoles offer standard levels of shock absorption and cushioning. They are slim fit so are a good option of people with high insteps or wide feet.

Memory foam insoles

Memory foam insoles offer superior lasting comfort as they mould to the shape of your feet. Our x-comfort insoles use memory foam that bounces back for the entire life time of the boot and has added arch support. Replacing a foam insole for a x-comfort insole is a great way of stopping foot slipping or rubbing.

Leather insoles 

Leather insoles are a traditional choice they are extremely hard wearing and support the foot although have minimal cushioning.

X-comfort memory foam insole

Types of leather 

The main two types of leather used in short riding boots. 

Nubuck leather is a robust hard wearing leather that is easy to maintain and clean. It has somewhat of a casual appearance can be easily worn for any occasion. The best leather treatment product you can use on nubuck leather is dubbin.

Full Grain leather is more formal and used in most traditional jodhpur boots and all competition riding boots. Polished leather is far easier to match with a chap and your tack. Use a premium wax polish to keep polished leather looking at its best.

A few extra points

Spur rests. If you plan on riding with spurs fitting them to your boots is essential look out for spur rests which prevent the spurs rubbing and damaging the leather.

Although leather is naturally water resistant and you can use a treatment spray look out for a membrane if you are going to use your boots in very wet conditions. Our Storm Collection is a 100% waterproof and well worth considering if your yard gets as wet as ours does!

Kentucky Storm Waterproof Short Boot

Still confused?

Don't worry there is lots to process! If there is anything we can do to help thats what we are here for. We are experts when it comes to pairing our customers with the right boot and we are just on the other side of the telephone or email.

Bareback Footwear HQ: 01886 888873

Bareback Footwear Online:

We also offer free returns so there has never been a better time to try on a few different styles. 

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Happy Riding!

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Hi. I am looking at the Kentucky Storm boots but wondering if they will fit round my wide legs and ankles . What sort of fit are they? Thanks

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