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quebec waterproof country boots

A guide to buying waterproof country boots

Buying a good pair of waterproof country boots can be a minefield but one thing is for sure with British weather you ought to have a pair on stand by. There are varying amounts of water protection on the market but our opinion if you need something 100% waterproof is to opt for something with a membrane as part of the build of the boot. 

Waterproof membrane

When we refer to a waterproof membrane we are talking about an additional layer incorporated into the boot. You will find many brands of waterproof membrane: GoreTex, Sympa Tex, Wtex they all do a similar job. They provide a impermeable layer that remains breathable. 

Some boots have a waterproof membrane stitched into the boot which can cause areas of weakness where the water can penetrate through. The only way to have a completely waterproof leather boot is to use a technique we call 'bootie construction'. 

Bootie construction eliminates all potential weaknesses in the build up by using taped seems. We have developed a system that tests each of our membranes using a machine which forces air into the bootie while it is has been submerged in water.

All our waterproof membranes are tested prior to construction to ensure waterproofing. Air is forced into the bootie to check for any bubbles which would indicate a fault with water entering the boot .

Leather and leather treatment

Any leather waterproof country and riding boot is subjected to a tough life. The harsh weather conditions and the processes of soaking then drying leather footwear can dry and crack the leather leaving the membrane exposed. When selecting a pair of waterproof leather country boots be sure to inspect the quality of leather, better leather will far out last any cheap alternative. 

It is imperative you use liberal amounts of dubbin or other leather treatment to keep the leather soft and supple. Dubbin also protect the boots again acids and other harmful chemicals found on farms, yards and in the countryside.  

Pull on waterproof country boots

The most conventional style of waterproof country boot has a pull on design, this simple design ensures that your feet stay warm and dry. Our Dakota boots are designed to fit most leg types and unlike other brands are designed not to drop more than 1/4 of a inch.

waterproof country boots

Zips and Buckles

One thing to look out for when purchasing waterproof footwear is any zip or buckle is a potential area of weakness. The only way to ensure that a zip can be waterproof is if it has a waterproof gusset similar to our Hudson Boots, Idaho Storm or Kentucky Storm Collection.

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Waterproof Country Boots

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Christine Cahill

Currently wearing my beautiful new Quebec boots INSIDE as I don’t actually want to take them off!
Currently looking to order some Dubbin, I intend looking after them.
They were much admired in a local outdoor shop today!
Spoke to a REAL PERSON on the phone , followed their advice re Sizing. They were right.
Highly recommend boots AND the Company

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