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Plantar Fasciitis and riding boots

Riding boots help with Plantar Fasciitis

People in their droves are swapping their shoes and boots to riding boots to help with the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis. Ever wondered what makes riding boots the perfect choice? Why they help with the condition and what to look out for when choosing a pair.

What are the causes of Plantar Fasciitis? 

Plantar Fasciitis is a consequence of a repetitive excess strain placed on the sole of the foot. The condition is expected to affect 1 in 10 of the adults in the UK so if you are suffering you are not alone. 

It's typical causes can be:

  • Wearing footwear without appropriate cushioning and support (high heels, flip flops or back less sandals) 
  • Standing / walking on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time
  • Exercising without warming up or having tight calves and ankles
  •  Excessive exercising or an rapid change in the amount of exercise you do.

Plantar fasciitis

(NHS: Plantar fasciitis) 

Remember is the pain is very sever, getting worse or resulting in loss of feeling contact you GP.

Key things you should look out for when choosing footwear

Footwear has a huge roll in both preventing plantar fasciitis but also helping with relieving the symptoms. There are a few key features you must look out for when choosing footwear to combat the pain.

  1. Cushioned insoles - You must look out for a suitable insole, our recommendation is to only choose insoles which may feature memory foam or a gel insert like our x-comfort which will absorb shock. 
  2. Support - Choose footwear that has added arch support which holds your foot in the correct position, putting less strain on your heal and distributing impacts.
  3. Slight heel - It is beneficial to select a short heel of less than a inch. Which moves the foot into a position that places less stress on the Achilles tendon

Arch support built into Idaho Boots:


Idaho Arch Support


Why riding boots are so good for preventing Plantar Fasciitis?

Riding boots typical have lots of features designed to combat the addition stress on your feet from riding and being around hard surface of the yard.

Lets take our Kentucky jodhpur boots for example:

Kentucky Jodhpur Boots
  • Removable X-comfort moulded insole for providing cushioning and shock absorption to the whole foot.
  • Added arch support in the way of added shank.
  • Short 3cm heel designed to distribute weight.

They are also light weight and extremely padded to ensure comfort. 

Visit the Kentucky collection here


Plantar fasciitis can a fairly debilitating condition where your choice of footwear really matters.

Looking out for these 3 key features will help you when selecting footwear:

  1. Insoles
  2. Arch support
  3. Small heel 

Performance riding boots tend to have these element built in. 

Bareback Footwear specialises in making comfortable riding boots that help elevate plantar fasciitis pain. 

Recommend Products

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Idaho Riding Boots

Montana Long Riding Boots

Montana Long Riding Boots

Take a look across our collection at all boots with an X-comfort insole which have been designed to  provide extra support and comfort through thw whole footbed with added cushion points and a supported arch. 

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