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Can you ride in yard boots? All you need to know.

Can you ride in yard boots? All you need to know.

When riding the best experiences come from close contact and really feeling yourself connected to your horse in the stirrup.

This allows a real connection between horse and rider, not to mention allows for a higher degree of safety. 

What makes a good riding sole?

It is advised that a riding boot should have a small heel (1 – 1.5inches), this heel will help your foot stay in place in the stirrup (and not slide through it).

It is also best for your riding boots to have a smooth sole (not too grippy) and to allow for this light contact in the stirrup and allowing for a reactive ride, responding to the movements and reaction of your horse.

In the unlikely event that you fall from a horse, you want your foot to come out of the stirrup smoothly without getting caught, therefore a smooth sole and squared off heel is best


Riding Yard Boot

How does a riding sole and yard sole differ?

A yard boot is designed with durability and tough tread in mind to keep you sure footed no matter the weather. Yard boots therefore have a deeper tread in the foot bed and are commonly a thicker rubber, when taking this in mind this would make them slightly less favourable when riding.


yard boot collection

Are there any cross over yard / riding boots to work and ride in?  

There are several in our collection that work to support you when on and off the horse, our favourite are: 

 The Montana Long Riding Boots: 

Our all round long riding boot that allows for a flexible, supportive ride all year round. A perfect ride safe sole with a good tread for daily jobs on the yard or field. Great for messy weather but not a firm replacement for a welly! 



Montana yard boots


The Kentucky Jodhpur Boots:

A rugged design to keep you at peak comfort both in and out the saddle.


Best boots I’ve owned!!- Gemma on Sep 09, 2020
 Kentucky Storm Boots - Bordeaux - THE best boots I’ve ever owned. Comfortable from first putting them on, nice size heel and zip/lace combo is a fab idea. Warm and dry without being sweaty. Never want to take them off! I wish all shoes and boots were this perfect. Try them and fall in love like I did!
Perfect for any activity from riding, walking on uneven ground or dressing up a little smarter for a comfortable day out and about! The Kentucky is our top selling short boot and has a massive following of people who have fallen in love with them!
kentucky yard boots

The Nebraska Long Riding Boots:

Robust, warm and perfectly fitted, rising to any equestrian yard duty. Great for the cooler months with unbeatable durability and whether out walking, riding or in the fields, this boot will see you warm and comfortable through the many tough winter days in and out of the saddle. 


riding in yard boots

Check out our full collection of riding boots at or call us for the best fit and styling advice to find the best boot for your job!

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