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leather country boots

Are leather country boots worth it?

Many people who haven't tried a pair of leather waterproof country boots wonder. Are they worth it? Aren't the essentially just very posh wellies? 

Although you would often wear them in a similar situation as you might a wellie that is where the similarity ends and once you try a pair of waterproof leather country boots you will never go back.


Not all country boots are created equal, the only way to get a pair of country boots to be fully waterproof is using a membrane. We run a waterproof W-Tex membrane through every single foot bed and leg of out waterproof boot here at Bareback Footwear. These technical membranes are not only fully waterproof but they are also breathable so stop your feet sweating on those longer walks.


Waterproof leather country boots are far warmer than a welly, not only does leather natural insulate but our waterproof country boots have a thermal lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable.


The biggest distinction between a welly and a waterproof leather country boot is the comfort. Rubber or plastics wellies are ridged and do not more or stretch in areas when you walk. Leather stretches in the areas when you need them to, the boots stick to your feet and ankles when you walk. You won't even notice that you are wearing long boots. 


Because leather stretches country boots are designed to be much tighter on your calf and to snuggly fit. The leather then stretches to mould to your legs providing you much nicer looking fit.


There is no contest, a pair of leather country boots look far nicer than a pair of wellies. The natural character of the leather is easy to match with any outfit and has a depth of colour that is impossible to achieve in plastic or rubber. Our Hudson country boots merge practical and beautiful seamlessly.  


If cared for leather boots last far longer than a wellie, it is common for a pair of our Dakota boots to last over 10years, Leather as a natural material lasts far longer is cared for so make sure you check out our leather care blog for all our tips and tricks.

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