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How to look after your leather boots in the extremes of British weather!

How to look after your leather boots in the extremes of British weather!

Too hot, bitterly cold, excessively wet or no rain for weeks. The British people and countryside find it hard to cope with ever changing seasonal weather but remember to spare a thought for your boots!

They put up a lot, traipsing through thick muddy gateways, crunching through icy grass and then baking sun filled hacks. Then the dry, dusty days poo-picking and pulling weeds in the summer months.

Bareback Footwear was built to thrive in these conditions and with a few minutes of care regularly they can be so much happier doing so.

Important information about leather

Your Bareback boots are made to last, using the finest leathers to ensure not only style but perfect performance. But all leather needs care, and with a little time and the right treatment, your boots will stay supple, soft and keeping you out doing the things you love. 

Yard manure/waste, salt water and waste liquids  can be very corrosive to leather. To ensure your boots protection and keep your boots performing their best you must always scrub them with a soft brush and rinse with fresh tap water after exposure.

The correct products to keep your boots looking and working their best is essential as some leather care products may alter the colour of the leather and will smooth the nap of a nubuck or suede. We recommend that you test a small area of your boot, i.e. the inner ankle area before spraying your entire boot.


Wet and Wild Winters

Leather is a natural product and these different environment's have an impact on the life span and function of the boots. So it is important that correct care and regular cleaning is given particularly when they are subjected to constant soaking and exposure to wet conditions.

fresh water cleaning the waterproof country boot


If they get caked in mud and dirt it is best to:

  • Clean off with fresh, clean water to remove any acids and harmful chemicals that can damage natural leather products
  • Remember to dry off in a natural environment so they are not going from one extreme to another
  • If the lining of the boots have got wet please its best to dry this out thoroughly before using again, crumpled up news paper works well inside. Some of our boots do have removable insoles for ease of drying.
  • Apply Bareback Footwear luxury dubbin liberally as regularly as you can. 

Our best boots for dry, warm feet during this tough time are our Waterproof collection


Dry and Dusty Summers

It is important to remember you cannot over clean or over protect your boots with a conditioning wax or spray, just like your skin care routine your boots will last longer and fair better from continuous treatment and care.


When continuous heat makes the ground dry and dusty, this dirt is best removed with a wet soft brush or sponge with clean tap water, however with suede or nubuck do not submerge the boots but gently clean, we recommend using a special nubuck/suede care product.


Waxed and polished leathers

Once clean  and dry use a nourishing dubbin, cream or balm with a soft cloth, paying particular attention to the foot area where the boot will have a natural foot crease. Follow this up by using a protector spray in a circular motion around the whole boot, If cleaning a polished leather its then good to use a polish with a natural colour in to help reduce the appearance of scuff marks (you cannot apply too frequently!) Take a look for these on our website.

Big no-no’s

  • Never leave your boots covered in muck and mud to dry out without any treatment and expect a long life span! This prolonged exposure to acids will cause the leather on the boots to dry/shrink and crack across the main foot area (the vamp), unfortunately it cannot be repaired or replenished at this point.
  • Never dry your boots in direct contact with a heat source like a radiator or a fireplace.
  • Do not use aggressive products and detergents to clean the boots.
  • Never store boots when still damp or store folded.
  • Do not leave zips with dirt in and force down at any time
  • Any boots with laces do not soak these and leave next to a heat source.
  • Never forget the boots are leather and will dry out over time if never cared or treated

Your beautiful Bareback boots will only look and wear for years to come depending on how well you look after them.

Do you have a specific questions about your boots, ask below! 


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Michelle Bulmer

Hi, I have the Roxy waxed leather ankle boot which I absolutely love.
Which product do you recommend for cleaning them and keeping them in tip top condition?



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