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A Comprehensive guide to our Waterproof Boots

A Comprehensive guide to our Waterproof Boots

Here at Bareback Footwear we specialise in 100% waterproof footwear. We understand when you are enjoying country pursuits or horse riding you need boots that keep your feet warm and dry, let us talk you through our waterproof collection

Waterproof Riding Boots

Riding boots soles

If you are planning of going horse riding in your waterproof boots it's best to swap in to a dedicated pair of waterproof riding boots. The main difference in a dedicated riding boot is the sole. They are designed to be safe in the stirrups, thick soles with a deep tread can get caught while dismounting.

Rocky Country boots and Idaho Storm Riding boots
Riding soles also tend to have a higher degree of flexibility across the foot bed with our collection utilising a Flex-line across the ball of the foot to help your foot move naturally and can aid your comfort in and out of the stirrup.

Riding boots adjustments

Dedicated waterproof riding boots also tend to have more adjustability than a traditional waterproof boot. For example our Kentucky waterproof Jodhpur boots have both a zip and laces so you will be ensured of the perfect fit for both comfort and safety.


Types of leather 

There are two main different types of leather used in our riding boots. Polished full grain leather which appears in our Idaho Storm Waterproof Jodhpur Boots which has a traditional appearance. The other is a Nubuck leather which is a thick and durable hide which used in our Kentucky Storm Waterproof Boots 

Waterproof Country Boots

Country boots are designed to thrive in any environment that the great outdoors can throw at you. They are made of components and materials that give maximum functionality and longevity however we try to make them beautiful as well.

Pull on country boots

This is one of the most traditional styles of country boot, as the boot has no zip or laces which could potentially become a weakness where water could come through. The disadvantage of a pull on waterproof boot is that if you struggle with a high instep or very high arches they can be slightly harder to pull on and off.

Zip up country boots with a gusset

A few of our boots have a zip up gusset behind the zip, this is the only way to ensure that the boots remain waterproof even with a zip opening, for an example of this check out our Hudson Storm Waterproof Boots.

Country boots soles

Country boots tend to have thick and grippy outsoles. The thick tread excels in wet slippy conditions like when walking in deep mud. A thicker sole can increase the surface area and provides a more stable platform to stand on which will in turn support and protect your ankles.

Waterproof Boots for Women

Style and Substance

Waterproof boots have come on a long way, they can be practical yet elegant in equal measure. Whether you are on the school run or walking your dog, our waterproof range has something for you.

Comfort inside and out

Our waterproof boots tend to have more room in the foot bed which leaves room for our varying collection of exceptional insoles. Our Kentucky Storm Waterproof Boots feature our X-comfort insole which supports, cushions and absorbs shock. Which is great if you spend lots of time on hard terrain or surfaces


Thermal Country Boots

Always got chilly toes in Autumn, winter or spring? Looking out for boots with additional technologies to the waterproof membrane will help.

Therma-Tex Lining, sheep's wool linings and breathable cotton membranes allow for a the boots to keep you not only dry but warm and added bonus, they help to wick away moisture!


Waterproof Boots for Men

It can be hard for Men to find well fitting and reliable waterproof country and riding boots (that aren't wellies!) up to size 12. Which is why we have a range of boots in larger sizes and this collection is ever expanding!


Men's Waterproof Jodhpur boots

Both our Kentucky Storm and Idaho Storm boots are a great choice for not only riding boots but yard work and walking as well. The solid build of the boots and waterproof membrane allows them to be a flexible fit on the sole and supple leather allows for a wider foot. 



Waterproof Boots for Dog Walking


Walking boots are made with a specific environment in mind. Characteristics such as sole stiffness or ankle height will vary depending on the terrain and conditions you will be heading into.

If, for example, you intend to stick to well-trodden and predictable paths, you can go for a lightweight boot or shoe with a reasonable amount of flexibility (the Kentucky Storm). In less challenging terrain, flexibility is good as it helps your foot move naturally and can aid your comfort on longer journeys.

However, if you intend to be moving over uneven or very steep ground, then you'll need a more rigid boot with good ankle support. Stiffer soles will provide a more stable platform to stand on, and a higher cut will support and protect your ankles- The Rocky Boots are perfect for this!


Rocky waterproof walking boots


Best Selling Waterproof Boots


From early on our classic Dakota boot has been fantastically popular as a reliable boot for so many uses, yard work, dog walking and to head to the shops or for lunch. With a improvement in design in 2013 and expanded size sets not in UK 3-10 in standard and wide calf fitting, in both Blue and Brown this boot is a must have waterproof boot in the collection. 

Dakota waterproof boots in brown




It would be hard to describe this boot better than the thousands of reviews and rave comments we have already received about this style. Trust us when we say this is one boot in a million and when you try this you'll wonder why you've been putting up with leaky, cold, uncomfortable boots for all these years.

Now in 4 colours Black, Mocha, Navy and Blue in UK sizes 3-10. 

Quebec Collection



An all round winner, perfectly shaped to a rounded foot with deep toe box to allow for extra layers or a little spreading as you walk over a long period of time. A great boot that is supportive and robust but not overly heavy and allows you to easily take on any terrain. 

Rocky waterproof boots


Kentucky Storm Collection 

No matter if you're on a walk or on a horse ride the Kentucky Storm will keep you supported and dry with so much technology to make it an uncompromising waterproof jodhpur boot. With fully adjustable laces for perfect fit and support on the ankle as well as ease of getting on no matter of your shape.



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