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How do I tell if my tall riding boots fit?

Choosing riding boots can be a difficult process, we had to start a company just to find a pair that fitted nicely! Hopefully not everyone has to go this far to find their perfect pair. Here are some tips we've found key to know if your boots fit correctly.

The Foot 

Foot size is important, when you are trying on tall boots use the socks and leg wear that you normally ride in.

  1. When standing you don’t want to feel your toes at the end of the boot
  2. You should be snug in the foot without being pinched, all good leather stretches and will allow the boots to become molded to your foot the more you wear them.
  3. A little heel movement is normal, but you do not want to feel like you are slopping around
Top tip: if your boots feel very snug, take the insole out while your waiting for the leather to stretch. We often use thick memory foam or gel insoles in our riding boots which some riders prefer to take out)

    The Ankle

    The fit round the ankle is down to personal preference, some people love the support of a very tight fitting boot round the ankle while others perfect a looser fit for maximum range of movement.

    1. New riding boots should be a little tricky to get on at first, especially Italian leather ones. If the boots are excessively loose round the ankle the leather will crease, affecting their comfort, durability and look.

    If your boots are a struggle to get on to start with, use a shoehorn or a thin sock. While researching our Spanish riding boot collection in Spain we were told to use a plastic bag instead of a sock! I can confirm this does work if you don’t mind looking a bit silly in the process.

    The Calf

    Calf fitting is the area which most people tend to struggle, if you count yourself in what we think is a majority of people that find it awkward buying knee high boots we are here to help! It took me years of searching before I found something that both looked nice and suited my riders calf’s.

    1. The calf length should be just bellow the back of the knee, assume a riding position with knees bent. It is OK to feel that boot in the crease of the knee however this should not be uncomfortable, the boots should drop around ¼ of an inch, all leather boots do!
    2. Tall riding boots should be tight without cutting circulation off. Watch out for the cut of the calf, if this does not follow the curve of your leg you may find that you could have a gap in between the widest point of your calf and ankle.
    3. The zip should be firm and should zip all the way to the top. It is OK to for the boots to be tight when zipped up as the leather will stretch, however if the zip is forced excessively it will put excess strain on the zip which could cause them to pop.

    Find your fit

    Still searching for perfect fit? We design footwear in a multitude of different fits and with different adjustments to suit all.

    Extra Wide Fit

    Full Calf

    Standard Fit

    Narrow Fit


    Had enough of searching and not finding your perfect pair? Why not have a look at our bespoke made to measure service which is available on all our tall riding boots.

     Made to Measure



    Hello Tina,
    Thank you getting in touch with us about the Quebec boots. We would recommend to go for the EU38 (UK5) in this style as they are slightly generous and we tend to find that if someone is in between sizes they drop down to the smaller size; the calf is also adjustable so is good to pull in/out to suit all fits! I hope this helps.
    Kind regards,


    I am interested in your Quebec boot
    I have very wide feet and standard calf not that big. Normally a 5 in Ariats, but 5.5 in other makes
    What size should I go for please ?


    Hi Jane, I would recommend trying the Lucianna boots in size 37 or UK 4 first as they can come up roomy.

    Regards BBF

    Jane Green

    Good morning – if I normally take a 41/2 should I go for a 4 or a 5? I’m looking at the Lucianna boot
    Many thanks,

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