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  • PEDAG 'PRETTY' HALF INSOLES - Bareback Footwear





The Pedag 'Pretty' is a half insole to add extra comfort and support. If your shoe has too much room or your feet don't have not enough grip inside, place the insole inside the shoe for added support and comfort. Ideal for those shoes/boots you love but might be in between sizes, the half insole construction works to push your heel back and to take up that little bit of room you might find in wider fitting shoes/boots. Made from fabric-covered latex foam. Optimally hygienic and gently fragranced.


  • Half insole made of soft, absorbent latex foam.
  • Hygienic, perforated for better air circulation.
  • Naturally scented, two part foam.
  • Helps feet find the correct position.

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