Portuguese Leather Boots - Proud to be made in Portugal

We are proud to make our footwear in Portugal. Since 1927 our factory has committed to producing world leading hand crafted leather footwear blending traditional leather working prowess with the latest production techniques. Never willing to compromise when sourcing the highest quality leather and putting it in the hands of highly skilled crafts men and women.

We recognise that its the skill of our craftspeople that create truly exceptional footwear, and although automation of some processes are important to provide value and accuracy, it's the experience of our people that add those artisan touches and make our boots last longer, more comfortable and ensure superior quality.


The traditional craftmanship

Sometimes the old ways are the best, those human touches that add the character that is fundamental in a pair of handcrafted leather boots.

Our footwear has soul and this comes from our Portuguese artisans.  

Leather is carefully selected to be soft and robust but also retain the natural qualities and style that can only be found in premium leathers.

Each design is hand stitched giving our boots their distinctive look and feel.

Our expert craftspeople can react to each piece of leather spending the time required to manipulate and finish our footwear. Making our boots more comfortable, durable and giving them a more iconic style that is impossible to find with mass produced footwear.

Portugal craft boots

Merging with the modern methods

Production methods have changed since 1927 and our factory use world leading technologies. Like you, we expect alot from our boots, we use the very latest manufacturing processes to ensure we create world class leather boots.

Our waterproof collection is an example of state of the art production methods. Unhappy with the outdated standard waterproof membrane technology we developed our own W-Tex bootie construction that fully encloses the foot without seems. We test each bootie before it is added to our boots to ensure quality. Waterproof buying guide.

 Our commitment to quality

The nature of handcrafted footwear is that they are designed to last, premium leathers if treated well can last a life time, stitched soles and zips can be replaced. We offer this service to you and will repair your footwear if needed to ensure you can enjoy the same pair of a Bareback boots for year to come. 

We will never compromise on quality and a big part of that is our relationship with our Portuguese artisans.

We will always continue to produce our boots in Portugal and are so very proud of it.



Which boots are the widest – my feet especially my left is very wide due to a foot op. Thank you. Chris

Kerry Doherty


I was after some of your black Kentucky jodhpur boots. It says delivery end of May – do you have an exact date. I was hoping to receive them by Friday 14 – I’m assuming this is not possible?

Many thanks.


Julie Bignell

Hi looking for wide fit calf’s yard boots in a size 10 , not sure which ones to look at ..

Janeen Seim

I wear a size 8.5 US, wide. I like the Idaho Storm Jodphur in black. What would be my UK size? Thank you.


What a fab pair of boots, Andalucia best pair I’ve had, very comfortable, worn all day, excellent as formal wear too, buying another pair as so nice.

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