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beginners riding boots

Riding boots for beginners - Buying Guide

So your new to horse riding, firstly welcome to our sport. We are an inclusive community and absolutely love that you are here! Getting started and choosing your equipment can...

lace up yard boots

How to Choose a Yard Boot

Yard boots are comfortable, supportive and durable for going about all your everyday duties. Yard boots come in many variations including riding safe, waterproof and in both short and tall...

Plantar Fasciitis and riding boots

Riding boots help with Plantar Fasciitis

Footwear has a huge roll in both preventing plantar fasciitis but also helping with relieving the symptoms. There are a few key features you must look out for when choosing...

long riding boots

Will my long leather riding boots drop?

YES All leather long boots drop a little in height as the leather stretches and loosens. You will find that you develop creasing around the ankle and this will result...

leather country boots

Are leather country boots worth it?

Many people who haven't tried a pair of leather waterproof country boots wonder. Are they worth it? Aren't the essentially just very posh wellies?  Although you would often wear them...