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lace up yard boots

How to Choose a Yard Boot

Yard boots are comfortable, supportive and durable for going about all your everyday duties. Yard boots come in many variations including riding safe, waterproof and in both short and tall heights depending on your needs and usage.

Choosing the correct yard boots can be tricky. We ask a lot from our boots which we wear around the yard, often riding in them, mucking out in them and very often spend all day in them.

A good pair of yards boots is a great multi tasker, designed to excel in all tasks around the yard. But remember that sometimes the best footwear to tackle the dirtiest of jobs is a pair of wellies or alternating boots on different days.

Balancing Riding and Yard Duties 

This is perhaps the hardest decision. The balance of whether you plan use the boot as more of a riding boot or a boot for mucking out will define which sole and fit you go for.

Some yard boots tailored more towards yard duties will have a much more heavy duty sole. The advantages of a thick robust sole is superior grip and protection. 

Dakota Yard Boots
The Dakota has a thick tread for durability and support on uneven/ slippy ground. Choosing a boot with more of a riding sole is far better if you intend to ride more in your yard footwear. Select a boot is a shallower tread that has a more fitted ankle and calf and will allow your feet to flex and respond more while riding.
Kentucky Comfortable Yard Boots

Fitting - Pull on? Laces? or Zip

This an age old question, each of these styles have their advantages. Pull on yard boots are super easy to get on and off quickly and you can get them on  with your arms full or dogs and kids pulling you everywhere! The Pull on design also makes them simple to clean with less additional elements to look after. 

Vancouver Waterproof Boots

A zip is a quick and easy option although these boots come in many different shapes and sizes. Zip up yard boots normally allow for a more fitted feel around the ankle offering more support. Different zip positions are important to notice if you intend to use your boots with spurs as you will need your boots to have spur rests and a front zip, not rear. 

Nebraska Long Riding Boots

Laces really do allow for a custom fitted yard boot. They allow you to tighten or loosen your boots as and when required. The only draw back is that laces can take longer to fasten. Unless you go for a lace and zip combination like our best selling yard/ riding boot the Kentucky. (Available in 6 different colour ways in both classic and waterproof) 

Kentucky Collection Page



Supportive, comfortable, durable. The Yard collection are here to help you keep out doing the things you love longer. Contact us to help find the best boot for your job! 


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