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How To Dry your Leather Boots

How To Dry your Leather Boots

Our top tips for drying your leather boots like a pro. With a little TLC, your boots will stay looking sharp and ready to tackle any terrain. So, next time...

resole waterproof boots

Can you resole waterproof boots?

Are your boots so comfortable you'd love to be able to keep them forever? We all have that favourite pair of waterproof boots that you can't manage without, for me it...

Waterproof riding boots

Can you use wellies for horse riding?

Wellies are generally made from waterproof rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which  work to keep your feet dry but are not always the most comfortable. The lining, typically isn't very...

The best Walking Boots- Our complete guide

The best Walking Boots- Our complete guide

With so many types of walking boots available and such a variety of features to choose from, it's important to choose the right boots for your adventures ensuring you stay supported...

nubuck leather waterproof boots

Why choose nubuck leather for your boots?

Nubuck leather has featured in premium leather footwear for some time. It comes from the outer layer of the hide and includes the top grain of the leather. The thicker outside...