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Walking Boots

Explore Bareback Footwear's premium collection of Italian leather walking boots, designed for durability, comfort, and unparalleled outdoor performance. Ideal for hiking, trekking, and rough terrains, our boots boast high-quality construction using full-grain or nubuck leather, ensuring longevity and a adjustable fit. Discover our storm and waterproof selection, equipped with W-Tex waterproof technology for dry and comfortable feet in any weather.

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Leather Walking Boots

Introducing Bareback Footwear's premier collection of leather walking boots – meticulously engineered performance footwear designed for the ultimate outdoor experience. Whether you're hiking, trekking, or navigating rough terrain, our walking boots are your reliable companions, offering unparalleled durability, comfort, and support.

Crafted from the finest Italian leather, our walking boots boast a high-quality construction that not only ensures longevity but also moulds to your feet with wear, providing a bespoke fit tailored to your unique stride. The collection features uppers made from either full-grain or nubuck leather, each contributing to the overall durability, comfort, and style of our boots.

Explore our storm and waterproof collection, where functionality meets fashion. Our fully waterproof boots, equipped with a W-Tex waterproof lining or membrane, guarantee dry and comfortable feet even in the wettest conditions. Trust Bareback Footwear to keep you stepping confidently, regardless of the weather.

Designed to conquer all types of trails, our high friction soles excel in challenging terrains – be it deep mud, loose footpaths, or uneven fields. The deep tread not only provides optimal traction but also ensures stability, especially on slippery surfaces.

Tailoring to your specific needs, our walking boots offer varying levels of ankle support and adjustment. The Kentucky and Rocky collections feature laces for a snug and secure fit, coupled with ankle support from their padding and high-cut design.

As a testament to our commitment to your comfort, select boots come with our revolutionary x-comfort insoles – included for free. These memory foam insoles provide unrivalled cushioning, support, and shock absorption, making them perfect for long days of exploration or your daily dog walks.

Step into the extraordinary with Bareback Footwear's leather walking boots – where performance, style, and comfort seamlessly converge for an unparalleled outdoor adventure.