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beginners riding boots

Riding boots for beginners - Buying Guide

So your new to horse riding, firstly welcome to our sport. We are an inclusive community and absolutely love that you are here! Getting started and choosing your equipment can be a tricky, most of use get by borrowing bits of kit however the two things that every riding must invest is a riding helmet and a pair of riding boots.

We offer expert over the phone, email and social channels fitting advice to pair you with the perfect riding boots no matter your requirements.

Here we will discuss the best boots to go for if you are just starting out and the reasons to choose them.

Comfort - There's no sense buying boots that you can't wait to take off. 

When your learning there is so much to take in, your learning a completing new skill. So competition boots are designed to take lots of breaking in, to be skin tight and made of very stiff leather. There is no reason for beginner to choose this style of footwear. Buy something comfortable, multipurpose and durable so you are happy wearing them all day and they will be great for lots of different styles of riding until you choose which discipline if any you would like to specialise in. 

Style and purpose - Beware of yard boots

Riding boots tend to be designed for a specific purpose, although it is a good idea to have a hybrid style riding boot when starting out we would suggest staying away from a yard / riding hybrid. These boots can be bulky and heavy which leaves you less reactive in the stirrups. 

Safety - Just the basics

Just a bit of common sense is required when selecting your first boots, they need to be closed toed and made of a substantial material with reinforcement on the toe box. All riding boots should feature a slight heel to stop your feet sliding straight through the stirrups. The ideal height for a heel is 2.5cm and no less than 1.5cm. 

Materials - It make all the difference 

What your boots are made from will have a huge influence on how long they last, how warm they are and there fit. Choosing a leather moulds and stretches to your leg is more comfortable, breathable and lasts longer than a composite plastic boot. You also want to be on the look out for sheepskin lined riding boots if you suffer from feeling the cold.

Short or Long Riding Boots - The age old debate

We split our range easily into two groups, ankle boots and long boots. Long riding boots are knee height and offer a simple one item solution a protection from pinching on the calves which can happen to new riders. Ankle riding boots are just above ankle height which can often be worn with a half chap or gator. Half chaps and gators come in lots of different styles and fits so can provide a more made to measure feel. 

Here are our best riding boots for beginners 

Montana Riding Boots - Standard and Wide Fit

Montana Long Riding Boots for Beginners

The most comfortable long riding boots you will ever find. Soft, flexible and supportive.

Available in standard and wide fit in black, brown and blue.

The Montana is our ultimate high performance durable long riding boot. Made from Italian crushed nubuck leather for supreme softness and comfort, it incorporates a full length elasticated OPTI zip from foot bed to knee for ease and flexibility. The Montana boots have been designed  for performance and comfort when worn in and out the saddle.

Click Here - For the Montana collection

Georgia Long Riding Boots - Black

Georgia Long Riding Boots

The Georgia, expertly handcrafted in Portugal with generations of experience to source only the softest calf skin leathers. Running down the spine of the boot is a specialized soft Nubuck performance stretch panel for flexibility and comfort; this is accentuated with a curved stitch detail to enhance the natural shaping of the leg for a close fit and exquisite silhouette. The boot is then finished off with patent piped trim around the toe, ankle and top cut of the boot. A new sole has been designed specifically for this performance boot;  a slim line integrated motion sole that has superior impact absorption on the heel for comfort and cushioning.

Click Here - For the Georgia Riding Boots

Idaho Storm Riding Boots - Black & Brown

Idaho storm jodhpur boots for beginners

The performance waterproof jodhpur boots with buckets of added technology. Idaho boots deliver a responsive, comfortable and supportive ride. 

The Idaho Storm part of the new innovative waterproof collection created by Bareback Footwear. This updated design to the best selling original keeps the Idaho Storm as waterproof as possible, using a sealed soft leather tongue behind the YKK® zip. All the ease of a zip up Jodhpur boot but all the water protection of a pull on boot. Our Idaho Storm jodhpur boots deliver that all day comfort in the saddle or on the yard and will manage to remain elegant for a long time. 

Click Here - For the Idaho Storm Jodhpur Boots

Kentucky Riding Boots - Black, Mocha, Bordeaux, Brown, Havana & Navy

Kentucky beginners riding boots

Uncompromising comfort, fully waterproof and adjustable fit. Perform no matter the conditions (Only the storm Collection is Fully Waterproof).

Whether it is a light shower, or a downpour conquer the elements with the Kentucky Storm. Designed to be with you at your worst, keeping you looking and feeling your best. Expertly Hand made by expert craftsmen using the latest innovative technologies and designed as the next evolution in our collection to keep you durable, stylish and above all comfortable!

Click Here - For the KentuckyJodhpur Boots

Ohio Jodhpur Boots - Black & Brown

Our entry level jodhpur boot from premium leather that delivers comfortable and responsive ride. 

The Ohio Jodhpur or paddock boot is by far the perfect riding boot for beginners and established riders alike. Practical yet stylish the Ohio is ideal for the showing ring yet great around the yard; the leather upper with elastic sides and moulded rubber soles provide durability with traditional elegance. Available in both children and adult size sets.

Click Here - For Ohio Boots

Our team are standing by to answer any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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