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Kentucky equestrian boots

The Kentucky Collection - The Ultimate Equestrian Boot

The Kentucky has grown from humble beginnings joining our range in 2015 to becoming what some people consider the ultimate equestrian boots. It's performance and versatility is unrivalled. Style and substance by the bucket full you will buy a pair of Kentucky to replace some riding boots and they will end up replacing all your boots. 

Group of all Kentucky colours

What makes them so special?

Fully adjustable

Lace system - The Kentucky Jodhpur boots are fully adjustable with a lace system that allows for you to both to support you ankle and adjust tightness across the width. 

Kentucky riding boots laces

Side zip - Our Kentucky boots also feature a side zip making it easy to pull you boots on and off. Because less time putting your boots on and off means more time for you to enjoy the things that you love doing.

Kentucky riding boots pulling on


Unbelievably comfortable 

Italian leather - We only use the finest leather that we can source, in this case super soft Italian nubuck, which we wax and treat for added durability. The leather stretches to your foot providing you with an unbeatable fit.

Memory foam insole - Our custom memory foam insole doesn't just keep you feet warm but absorbs shock, supports your instep and gives you the feeling that you are walking on clouds.

Cushioning - Spending all day in your riding boots is just part of being an equestrian, but that doesn't mean that you should have to settle for uncomfortable footwear. We use extra foam padding within all of our Kentucky boots to guarantee that all day comfort. You won't want to take them off. 


Kentucky Mocha riding boots


Riding performance

Performance outsole - Our outsoles are a product of years of refinement and design. The Kentucky's perfectly strike the balance the need for grip whilst on the yard and in the saddle. This premium European rubber is non slip and has been moulded to stick within stirrups without a need for deep tread with can damage your saddle of potentially get stuck. 

Kentucky riding boots sole

Storm Collection

Waterproof availability - New at the start of 2020 the Kentucky Storm, fully waterproof made possible with a W-Tex™ membrane which is both waterproof and breathable. Your footwear should never be responsible for having to put off doing what you love. The Kentucky Storm riding boots are the perfect 4 season solution. 

 Kentucky storm waterproof boots


Not just a riding boots

The Kentucky boots are just at home on a hike as they are on the yard. We manufacture all our boots to last using a blend of state of the art manufacturing and traditional methods. Blog on Portuguese artisans. 

Kentucky Havana

Where will they take you? 

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Georgie CRAIG

How wide are they? I’m a UK 5 but generally buy size 6 as most boots are too narrow for my flipper feet ( and damaged little toe😞) I realise this is comments, but the only other way I can see to contact you is via phone and I’m in uk.

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