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resole waterproof boots

Can you resole waterproof boots?

Are your boots so comfortable you'd love to be able to keep them forever? We all have that favourite pair of waterproof boots that you can't manage without, for me it our Quebec boots in brown. So here is a popular question we get asked after years of wear.

Can my waterproof boots be resoled?

Sadly the simple answer is no, soles on waterproof boots are both welted and stitched. Removing the sole will damage the waterproof membrane causing your boots no longer to be waterproof. 

Resoling waterproof boots

The waterproof membrane in our boots is an impermeable lining that fully encompasses the foot and leg in your boots, it fully encases the foot bed above and below. Any weakness or holes created in this membrane will cause your boots to leak.

We can resole your waterproof boots if the leather is supple if you are happy to accept they  will no longer be fully waterproof. 


Treating leather boots 

If a repair is still required the leather on the outside of the boots can be treated which will help with adding a layer of waterproofing. However leather treatments must be maintained in order to keep them waterproof.

Our carbon pro waterproofing spray is the best on the market and combined with a Dubbin to add a protective coating this will help to create a barrier to water entering the boots. 



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Anne Collins

I have a pair of Québec boots that need re-soling. The leather uppers are in good condition. I’m aware that if the boots would not be waterproof if they were to be re-soled. Could you please quote me a price?
Thank you

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