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Waterproof riding boots

Can you use wellies for horse riding?

Equestrian Wellies

Wellies are generally made from waterproof rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which  work to keep your feet dry but are not always the most comfortable. The lining, typically isn't very thick or supportive around the ankle, creating a generous amount of room which could eventually lead to discomfort and rubbing as well as not having a long lifespan when subject to equestrian duties. If you were to ride in a pair of wellies your foot is in danger of getting stuck in the stirrup. While riding it is important to only choose boots with specific riding soles.

Riding Boot Soles

When choosing the perfect riding boot for you, you will want to consider the following;

  • A none slip, smooth tread is best as your foot should sit comfortably and safely in the stirrup.
  • A small heel around 1-1.5inches, this will help your foot to stay in a supportive place (and not slide through the stirrup).
  • If you do happen to fall you want your foot to come out of the stirrup smoothly and with ease.
  • A degree of support around the ankle but also allows the foot to move around comfortably in the stirrup- perhaps laces or zips?

Jodhpur Boots

If you decide to ride in a jodhpur boot make sure that the tread is shallow and compact to prevent catching in the stirrup. Rubber soles are the most popular as the have more flexibility and are better at absorbing shock. However, if you opt for a wooden composite sole these are stiffer but provide extra support in your forefoot whilst riding. As well as improving posture  and extra protection round the yard, often the will still have a rubber tread to prevent slipping. 

Kentucky Storm Jodhpur Boots

Is a great alternative to wellies because of the following:

  • Removable X-comfort moulded insole for providing cushioning and shock absorption to the whole foot 
  • Padded full ankle and collar with reinforced rear boot pull 
  • Waterproof Wil-Tex membrane running throughout the entire boot 
  • Fully adjustable laces for perfect fit and support on the ankle as well as ease of getting on no matter of high arches.

They are also a great match with our half chaps.

Kentucky Storm Short Jodhpur boots

Kentucky Storm Waterproof Jodhpur Boots - Click Here 

Long Riding Boots

Long riding boots are a great alternative for ankle boots and chaps. Consider long boots with a stretch panel for flexibility and support in the calf. Any long boot should be at knee height and offer a simple one item solution, a protection from pinching on the calves which can happen from time to time, especially if you are new to riding.  

Graceland Long Riding Field Boot

The Graceland is an elegant alternative to ankle boots and chaps, they include;

  • Side covered stretch gusset providing maximum comfort & flexibility with 2cm of adjustment 
  • Full leather lining for breathability and softness 
  • Hard wearing anti-slip rubber Vibram sole with wood composite for smart detail.
  • Removable X-comfort moulded insole providing cushioning & shock absorption to the whole foot.

Long riding boots

Graceland Long Riding Field Boot - Click Here

Waterproof Boots

When riding in harsh weather conditions you need a pair of waterproof boots you can rely on. Ensure the have a waterproof membrane stitched in for example, Goretex, Sympatex and Wtex, This will provide an impermeable layer that remains breathable. Owning a pair of waterproof boots is a great idea if your ever caught in the rain, in and out of the saddle. Any leather waterproof riding boot is subjected to a tougher life. Harsh weather conditions can leave the leather dry and cracked leaving the membrane exposed. When purchasing a pair of leather waterproof boots opt for higher quality leather rather then a cheap alternative. Caring for your boots is extremely important, using the correct care treatment is enough to keep your boots looking as good as new.

  Idaho Storm Waterproof Jodhpur Boot

 The Idaho Storm provides all day comfort in and out of the saddle. 

  • Fully Waterproof WTex® lining with sealed zip
  • Front cushioned YKK®  zip for ease and comfort with fully enclosed gusset 
  • Cushioned inner lining and upper foot bed prevent rubbing when worn over long periods
  • Arched shank sole for added support and to reduce fatigue
  • Full grain supersoft calfskin outer with breathable lining


Short waterproof riding boots


 Idaho Storm Waterproof Jodhpur Boot - Click Here

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