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nubuck leather waterproof boots

Why choose nubuck leather for your boots?

We use high quality nubuck leather in lots of our footwear, simply it is one of the best leathers about and we would love to share with you all the benefits choosing a nubuck leather riding or country boot.

What is nubuck leather?

Nubuck leather has featured in premium leather footwear for some time. It comes from the outer layer of the hide and includes the top grain of the leather. The thicker outside of the hide is considered more robust and durable which is why it tends to be used in premium footwear for horse riders and hikers. 

The nubuck hide is sanded to give it's beautiful textured appearance or waxed to give the leather an extra layer of protection.

Is nubuck leather waterproof?

Due to Nubuck leather's thickness it is one of the most water resistant leathers out there. However all leather is naturally porous so prolonged water exposure to water will permeate through. You can treat the leather to increase water repellence although different treatments can have effects on the leathers appearance. 

How do you treat nubuck leather?

The key thing to consider when choosing your leather treatment is how your boots have been finished. If the leather is smooth and waxed apply a leather treatment wax or dubbin. This will nourish the leather as well as increase the water resistance.

Bareback Footwear Luxury Dubbin 100ml : Click here 

If the leather has been sanded it has a textured nap to it, applying wax will change the appearance of your boots irreversibly.  You are advised to use a nubuck spray to protect these boots, most of these sprays also include a degree of waterproofing.

Nubuck & Velours Spray Neutral 200ml - Click here

Which nubuck leather boots are great for durability?

Adults Bronx Boots - Brown

Comfortable, durable and reliable. The Bronx are tough. 

Click Here

The Bronx short boot has been designed as the peak of comfort, practical and durable boots for each and all day use. Made with waxed nubuck leather and crafted to incorporate the latest technologies to create a durable, comfortable boot. Our Bronx boots have become our most popular working boot, offering exceptional value for money for such a well crafted boot.

Hudson Storm Waterproof Boots - Chocolate

Hudson storm waterproof nubuck boots

Beautiful, waterproof and fitted. The country boots with a zip that deliver next level comfort. 

Click Here

The Hudson Storm, designed to be with you at your worst, keeping you looking and feeling your best. Expertly hand made in Portugal and designed as the next evolution in our collection to keep you durable, stylish and above all comfortable!
The Hudson, your perfect boot to take on all the countryside has to offer. 

Vancouver Storm Waterproof Boots - Brown

Vancouver nubuck waterproof boots

All style and all substance. Rugged, warm and comfortable.

Click Here

The Vancouver Storm ankle boot offers performance with authentic style and practicality. Made from high grade nubuck leather with a seam sealed waterproof WTex® membrane. Twin elasticated ankle panels ensure a perfect comfortable fit. Designed as a smart multi-purpose hard wearing boot in a rugged Brown.

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