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How To Dry your Leather Boots

How To Dry your Leather Boots

So, you've had a blast stomping through puddles or trudging along muddy trails in your trusty leather boots. But now they're wet and soggy – what's a boot lover to do? Fear not, mate! We've got you covered with some nifty tips on drying those leather beauties and keeping them in prime condition for all your future adventures.


  1. Why Drying Matters:

    • Let's face it, no one wants smelly, mouldy boots. Drying them properly not only saves you from the funk but also ensures they stay sturdy and stylish for longer.
  2. Kicking Out Moisture:

    • After a wet romp, grab a towel or some kitchen roll and gently dab away the excess moisture. And here's a tip: skip the hairdryer or radiator – they'll just fry your boots!
  3. Let Them Breathe:

    • Find a spot with good airflow, away from the blazing sun or the kitchen heater. Stuff them with some old newspaper or a boot-shaped friend to help them hold their shape while they air dry.
  4. Absorb the Wetness:

    • Ever thought about using silica gel packs or charcoal? These magic sachets can suck up moisture like a sponge. Just pop 'em in your boots and watch the drying magic happen.
  5. Show Some Love with Leather Conditioner:

    • Once your boots are bone dry, give 'em a good massage with some leather conditioner. It'll keep 'em supple and soft, ready for your next adventure.
  6. Keep Up the TLC:

    • Remember, drying and conditioning your boots should be a regular thing, especially after they've taken a dunk in a muddy puddle. Make it part of your boot care routine, and they'll love you back for it. Don't forget to treat them with dubbin regularly!

Conclusion: There you have it, folks – our top tips for drying your leather boots like a pro. With a little TLC, your boots will stay looking sharp and ready to tackle any terrain. So, next time your kicks take a soaking, don't fret – just follow these steps, and you'll be back on the trail in no time. Happy stomping!

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