You are a big part of what we do here. In fact you are the only reason we exist.
We shared your frustrations about poor quality over priced footwear and impersonal customer service of all the large established brands.
We knew we could do it better. 
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Your feedback and recommendations keeps us striving to produce the highest quality footwear and let us know that you value our caring approach to customer service.

Thank you!
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In 2007 our family decided to create our own range of footwear with a difference. Made using the highest level of craftsmanship and the best possible Italian leathers and suede's while remaining affordable.
We sourced our factory and workforce in Portugal and finally in 2010 launched the core range of Bareback boots, with great success.
Since Bareback Footwear’s launch we have spent our time touring the UK, reaching every corner of the country appearing at all the major shows and equestrian events to spread the word of our fantastic boots and solidify Bareback Footwear’s reputation of exceptional quality and service. Our collection has grown from its humble beginnings to over 83 styles (and growing), providing something perfect for everyone. All our boots and footwear are made and designed with YOU in mind and we love to talk to our customers at the many events we attend to gather feedback.

Continually striving for the best in our work we are always on hand if you would like to chat, on the phone, at a show or at our office in Martley, Worcestershire.
Thank you for finding us, enjoy our collection!