How will the equestrian season be affected by Covid19?

It's time to face facts, Covid-19 is really affecting the 2020 competition season

We're sad we won't be able to get our horsey fix at events during the summer and during these uncertain times we thought you would be interested in finding out the latest with how the year is shaping up!

We will start with the good news - Horses can catch Coronavirus - but not Covid-19

Although there is a strain of Coronavirus that can effect our horses the strain causing the current pandemic is very unlikely to spread to our animals.

Ken Smith, professor of companion animal pathology and head of pathobiology and population sciences at the Royal Veterinary College explained the science ahead of the Cheltenham festival.

"There is no evidence at present that either the equine Coronavirus is able to jump species or vice versa" describes Smith.

"It is the case that coronaviruses like other viruses have the capacity, not often, to jump species, particularly where the two species are coming into close contact with each other, but it is a rare event in the grand scheme of things,"

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British Equestrian information on whats changed.

(as of June 2020) How many people can meet? Where can they meet?
England Up to six from any number of households Anywhere outdoors
N. Ireland Up to six from any number of households Anywhere outdoors
Scotland Up to eight from two households Anywhere outdoors, ideally within five miles of their home
Wales Up to eight from two households Anywhere outdoors, ideally within five miles of their home

British Eventing

Eventing is the most watched equestrian discipline and the ruling body is British Eventing. We are privileged to attend all the large horse trials and we believe they are not just a sporting events they are a community. 

Currently BE is following government guide lines to the letter -

".. in line with any Government guidelines, we are working with the organisers in July with the intention of resuming sport from 4th July.This will be dependent on us being able to deliver a safe, socially distanced sport, and we are confident that we can do this. 

We thank all of our members, organisers, officials, volunteers and staff for their support during these unprecedented times."

We are starting to see events popping up within future calender's, however these are being monitored closely and the whole community is continually working towards the best strategy.

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FEI update on the Olympia and Paralympic Games


2020 was scheduled to be a huge one, with the British team in great shape to bring back lots of medals from Japan.

Japan’s Olympic minister Seiko Hashimoto has released the new dates for the Olympic Games to be 23 July to 8 August 2021 for the Olympic Games and 24 August to 5 September 2021 for the Paralympic Games. The Games will retain their current name and will continue to be known as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, or simply Tokyo 2020, even though they will take place in 2021.

We are so excited for the extended build up and are very much looking forward to the thrilling events 

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Many Equestrian business's will struggle

The shows and events are so ingrained in equestrian retail life that we and other companies week in and week out bring the largest selection of equestrian products to a field near you. 

The shows and events cancelled as well as retail premises being closed has had a huge affect on what is already a very challenging retail environment.

Amazingly the world of online retail allows us to reach even further afield and have conversations and help even more people from all over the world find their perfect boots! 


In summary:

Scientifically its very unlikely that our animals will be affected.

All major sporting events are beginning to resume behind closed doors and mass gatherings are still banned.

Governing bodies will have to rethink qualification for events in the latter part of year if they are to go ahead

The Olympics have been postponed to 23 July to 8 August 2021 

Equestrian business's are adapting by being more dynamic to operate without the shows and offer a more personal and helpful online, remote service. 

How do you think covid19 will effect your equestrian year?

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